Real estate services


This is the real estate services arm of the INVERSEGUROS group

Real Estate investment can take many forms and careful attention must be paid to numerous aspects. As such, it requires teams of professionals specialised in different disciplines.

At Inmoseguros we provide our clients with the right professionals to support them for each occasion: experts in law, advanced and technical architecture, engineering, asset management, economics, commercial management, marketing, administration and accounting.

In each case, we design our teams and allocate the tasks and action plans according to our clients’ interests, objectives and the specific problems they want resolved.

As a result, we create and manage vehicles which offer our clients indirect property investment opportunities, general real estate asset management and even specific service provision for a building, a project or a particular problem.


Property Investment Vehicles

  • Constitution
  • Investment
  • Operation and Investment Recoup

Real Estate Project Managementn

Real Estate Project Management

  • Preliminary studies
  • Contracting
  • Works management

INDYA, Design and Architecture

General services about Design and Architecture.


Real Estate Asset Management

Facility Management

Property Management


Real estate Services: